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Quarantine information (ENG)


A person placed under sanitary/disease control (quarantine) is not permitted to leave the designated area during the period of epidemiological surveillance, may contact others only by observing the rules established to contain the contagion. 

That person is obliged to observe all the rules and demonstrate cooperation in putting in place all the measures, ordered by the sanitary authority in order to contain the epidemic, besides it is obligatory to comply with the following rules:

  • The person is obliged to stay at her/his apartment during the sanitary/disease control and may not leave that. May not host any guest.
  • The person is obliged to use, clean and store her/his own personal belonging, household goods (plate, glass, cutlery etc.), household linen (clothes, towels, bed sheet, tea towel etc.).
  • Once medical treatment is needed that person is obliged to consult her/his physician or on-duty doctor beforehand.
    In case of respiratory symptoms (fever, cough, asphyxia) one is obliged to report immediately her/his general practitioner or on-duty doctor and comply with the provisions prescribed.
  • The person must put the warning label received on the door of her/his residence/apartment.
  • The person put under administrative domestic quarantine must put the garbage in a double plastic sack into the bin. 

One may not meet any postman or delivery man, yet one might receive a package by the doorway since these cases are not considered close contacts. Similarly, one is permitted to receive food from a close relative.

The person put under such quarantine under the jurisdiction of the Budavár (I. District) Municipality and turns out to be incapacitated to take care of her/himself can ask for assistance from the Municipality of Budavár.

The forms of assistance available:

  • a daily hot meal 650 Ft/ portion
  • emergency food pack
  • emergency hygiene pack
  • purchase of medications, prescriptions

The Municipality of Budavár can be contacted at the following phone numbers:





Online address concerning coronavirus requests: koronavirus@budavar.hu